Donald Trump is ‘trying to humiliate and belittle’ Theresa May, warns Emily Thornberry


Donald Trump is “trying to humiliate and belittle” Theresa May, Labour’s Shadow Foreign Secretary has warned – blaming her “bad judgement” for the crisis.

Emily Thornberry said the Prime Minister had made the error of “trying to be friends” with the US President, in her desperate search for a post-Brexit trade deal.

Yet, overnight, Mr Trump had taken to Twitter to tell Ms May to keep quiet, after she described his re-tweeting of Britain First as “wrong”.

Ms Thornberry said that – while the UK should “always have good working relations with the US – Ms May should have recognised that “we don’t share values with this man”.

“How did we ever get into this situation? Because of bad judgement exercised by the Prime Minister,” she told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.

And she added: “Despite all the political capital she has expended – and she tried to get a good relationship with this man – he is trying to humiliate and belittle in the way that he is and has been overnight.”


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